ACCURATE AND RELIABLE RIFLE IS NOT JUST A  NAME                                   IT'S A GOAL

 My name is Lee Wells and my goal in establishing this company is to provide a quality product in a timely fashion. To provide the serious competitor with a superior rifle that he or she has total confidence in. I have been a Machinist and Tool & Die Maker since 1973. I am proficient in machine tool operations and dedicated to quality in all that I do.
 I too am a competitive shooter that is unwilling to accept an inferior competition rifle, there is nothing that is more frustrating that having to compete with a rifle that will not perform up to your abilities.
 I shot on the Allguard Rifle Team for eleven years, "1997-2007". I am a distinguished High Master shooter who has made the Presidents Hundred 6 of the 10 times I shot the match. I am also dedicated to promoting and supporting our sport. You can also contact me for information about the High Power Rifle Matches held at Van Meter IA, sponsored by the Des Moines Rifle and Revolver Club.

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