Accurate and Reliable Rifle

Perry 2000
Perry 2007 SAFS
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This site is dedicated to competition shooters and the AR-15 rifles they shoot
Lee Wells
Competition rifles
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6MM Fat Rat
6.5 Grendel
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custom rifle
custom rifle
custom rifle
custom rifle
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Accurate and Reliable not only describes what I want my business to be, it more importantly describes Gods word ‘His Bible” and Gods nature.
 Accurate is what the Bible is, in that it is the inspired word of God as revealed to His servants.
 Reliable is part of Gods very nature, in that if you trust in him, He will never forsake you in your need. Psalm 9:10 says, Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.

CMP Legal
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36 Min of elevation
These work great when aligned properly
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Accurate and Reliable Rifle
3935-14th st
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Some businesses will do what they can to trap customers into returning, usually with proprietary products, which are neither illegal nor unethical.
 We at A&RR take a different approach, We would rather our customers return because of good experiences and competitive pricing. In order to have a positive experience, a customer must feel valued and respected. The way I will try to achieve that, is I will always strive to return calls and emails promptly, and never talk condescendingly to anyone.
 You the customers are always right, and you know better than I what you want. I will only give advice when asked or in the rare occasion if a customer wants something dangerous or illegal